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7 Feb 2012 – Leo/Aquarius Full Moon – a Full Moon about opening the heart (and 2 grounding techniques)

 Here we are at the Full Moon with a new story from Dale Osadchuk.

Technical info and few personal considerations on Dale’s message


– please consider that for the GMT time of this event you have to add 5h to the time specified  (4.55 pm EST  = 9.55 pm GMT)

– for Romania local time add 7 hours (4.55 pm EST 11.55 pm EET/ Romania time)

Some personal considerations:

I’ll try be short as these days I’m running like a headless chicken (well, yeees, looot’s of things to do, but we knew it will be like this! 😉 ) .

For the last 2-2.5 months  many of you told me that you feel light-headed, can not focus, always distracted and so on, therefore I spoke with you about the grounding techniques.

Our main energy provider and converter it the Earth.

This Full Moon is about activating and opening your heart/heart chakra, but please keep in mind that your heart chakra is the middle point between the Earth and the Sky, should be the equilibrium point.

If your connection with Earth is not well establish this equilibrium can not be fulfilled as many of us tend to work mostly on the connection with the Sky.

Here are 2 simple exercises for grounding you self:

1. the classical projection of a roots system going from your Root chakra trough your legs and feet into the Earth

2. The second one it is a bit more complex and might request few rounds until is complete.

Personally I prefer this one as once you manage to do it in full, from that point on you  just have to strengthen the link from time to time.

Take few deep breaths (u know – the real ones, involving pushing your diaphragm and filling your lungs 😉 ) and concentrate the energy on your Heart Chakra.

From this point, on exhaling, slowly start to grow a tube of energy to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

On inhale bring more energy into both chakras.

On exhale continue the go down to the Navel Chakra and so on till the Root Chakra.

Keeping the same rhythm (on inhale bring energy and on exhale growing the energy tube) continue to grow the energy tube to your Earth Chakra /Portal (about 15cm under you feet) and keep going untill you get connected with the heart of the Earth.

Don’t push yourself if you can not do it from the first try. Step by step you will get there.

From my personal experience I can tell that when I was pushing hard to make the connection all I got was tired, so keep it at a step by step tempo.

Once you made this link you can start changing energy directly with Earth, you can ask her to convert the negative energies, or the restant ones, into positive energy and use it as She needs, you can send to the Earth positive energy or pure and simple ask her to keep you balanced.

(NOTE: after you did the grounding part, and keeping the connection, you can do the same exercise going up from your Heart Chakra, step by step from one chakra to the next one, through your Sky Chakra/Portal. Here … the Sky is the limit – go as far as you feel.

Once you’ve done this part too and you are able to keep both links you can start to grow and strengthen the energy tube and exchange energies with both “pools”, you can set by intention to have a permanent exchange of energy according with your needs, so you’ll keep your balance, etc-etc-etc.)

Do not forget at the beginning of any practice you do to state that all you do or all it is happening to you must be into the consideration of your Greatest Good.

Enjoy Dale’s story and see you at the New Moon!


(Weeeell … I can not be short! 😉 :)) )

“2012 Leo/Aquarius Full Moon

By Dale Osadchuk

07 Feb 2012 at 4.55pm EST

1.55pm PST and 9.55pm GMT

The two men climbed the mountain path in stony silence. The younger one, Runs With The Salmon, was angry at his friend Red Thunderbird Warrior. He had wanted to travel to the east side of Turtle Island to join the sisters Snowy Owl and Shooting Star in the Full Moon ceremony but Red Thunderbird had told him it was too dangerous as so many tribes in between were in battle over who controlled the land. Red Thunderbird followed the path of the Peaceful Warrior.

Every once in a while Runs With felt his child self, Little Fire Dancer, emerge. He has been impulsive and headstrong as a child and wanting to do what he wanted to do. That part of him was in charge now. When the two reached the mountain top he was still not speaking holding onto his resentment of not getting his way.

As they settled in their spots Sister Moon started to rise. She was a golden orb on the east horizon. As she began to sail the indigo sky she turned a luminance silver. Then both men saw three dots emerging from her center. As they came closer Red Thunderbird recognized the Winged One, Little Owl, leading Shooting Star and Snowy Owl to the mountain top. The sisters were wearing their capes of magic feathers that allowed them to fly.

 When they had landed softly the sisters said to Runs With The Salmon “We heard you when you asked to travel to the Star Temple to do ceremony with us but Red Thunderbird was right. There are too many two-leggeds caught in conflict right now and you would have found yourself in the middle of their battles. Sister Moon asked us to journey to you so you would be safe. She also wants you to remember to be in your compassionate heart and be grateful that your friend Red Thunderbird was following his wise knowing. This is the Full Moon that asks us to value those who care about us and listen to their wisdom.”

Runs with The Salmon leaned over and shook Red thunderbird’s hand to say thank you. All his angry and resentment melted away. He felt peace in his heart center and would remember to always be grateful for those who cared about him.

 When Sister Moon is in her Full face she has a magical mystical quality. If the night sky is clear there is a luminance halo around her, her aura is visible. She illuminates all on the Earth plane with silver shadows and everything is bathed in her glow. Even if the Cloud People are visible she lights them up as she moves in and out. Visually the Full Moon stirs our Soul and reminds us how blessed we are to be humans living on the Earth Mother even in these times of unpredictability. And how blessed we are by the friends who care about us.


The Moon in Leo activates the Heart chakra. She is asking each of us to be fully centered in the compassionate heart and honour all that Creator and Great Mystery have brought into being. She is asking us to be inspired by love for all things and help the Earth Mother and all her kingdoms heal, especially the two-leggeds. The Sun in Aquarius also activates the Heart chakra asking us to open to Universal Love and Divine Purpose. Aquarius is the sign of the gift we are here to give to the world so this is the message from this Full Moon. Use this lunation to connect with your spiritual purpose and anchor it in your heart center. The Sun in Aquarius also activates the Third Eye, the 6th chakra, giving us the ability to see into the unknown. It is the center of spiritual vision and intuitive sight. Use the energy of this Full Moon to connect with your Soul Essence Self, your True Self. Then you will be surrounded by those of like mind.

The rulers of this lunation are the Sun in Aquarius for the Moon. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun in the natural zodiac so the Aquarian Sun is a very strong influence. The modern ruler for Aquarius is Uranus (breakthrough) at 02 degrees Aries (personal freedom) and in harmony with the asteroid Juno (relationship) at 02 Sagittarius (spiritual consciousness). Together they are saying relationship (which is very stressful for most people these days) can be healed and move into spiritual partnership. But wait there is an ancient ruler of Aquarius that comes into play here.

Before Uranus was sighted in 1781 and given rulership over Aquarius the planet Saturn had domain over the sign of the collective consciousness. Also known as the Karmic Teacher, he is a symbol for building a solid foundation based on the right use of will. His shadow side is blocks, limitations, and delays to help us find inner power and our truth. As co-ruler of the Sun at this Lunation he has a big part to play.

 Saturn (blocks and delays) is at 29 degrees Libra (relationships and balance) inconjunct (confusion) Venus (love and relationship) at 29 degrees Pisces (completion and release) and inconjunct (changing the way you do things) Uranus (breaking free from the old) at 02 degrees Aries (breakthrough and new beginnings). Remember Uranus is the modern ruler of the Sun at this Lunation and Saturn is the ancient ruler. They have totally different agendas. Saturn wants to keep the status quo and Uranus wants freedom from the rules and regulations. These two are important players at this Full Moon, emphasising the above theme.

 Because Saturn turned retrograde this morning at 9.03am EST this signature will be carried forward until the end of June 2012. (See the Moon Phase section of Feb 07 for more detail on the Saturn retrograde journey). Venus at 29 degrees Pisces rules Saturn in Libra. She will enter Aries at 1.01am EST on Feb 08 which is approximately 8 hours from the actual Full Moon. Pisces is completion and Aries is new beginnings. For some people this may mean you think you have resolved the relationship issues and it is full steam ahead. Saturn has other plans. Have patience and complete the lessons. You are transforming your Karma. Be in Your compassionate heart and you will be supported by Creator and Great Mystery. Remember this Full Moon is about opening the heart.        

 The Animal Totem for the Moon in Leo is Salmon, a symbol for strength, determination, perseverance, and courage. Salmon does not let anything prevent it from its journey to create the new. It is a symbol for breaking through any obstacles that block our path. Otter, the power of curiosity, joy, playfulness, sharing, and friendship is the animal Totem for the Sun in Aquarius. Otter teaches us to go with the flow and experience life’s challenges effortlessly and easily. This Spirit Walker also reminds us of the value of loyalty and friendship.

 The Clan Mother who guides us for the Moon in Leo is She Who Heals, guardian of the Eternal Flame of Love, the mysteries of life and death, and rites of passage. She is the keeper of serving the truth. She also is guardian of the healing plants and healing arts. You can call on her to support your own healing whatever that is and to guide you as you help others on their path to empowerment. Wisdom Keeper is the Clan Mother for the Sun in Aquarius. She is the keeper of planetary memory and all Earth records, particularly the stone and crystal kingdoms. She is the guardian of sacred traditions, sacred points of view, and honouring the truth in all things. She teaches us the value of friendship and the importance of our connection to all our relations. She teaches us to be fully present in the moment and to follow our dreams and vision. More of their stories can be found in the 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine, both by Jamie Sams.

Leo and Aquarius are active on the Tarot Constellation of Strength, the principle of Courage and Self Esteem and the balance between the material and spiritual planes. The theme is courage of your convictions and acknowledging the strength within for the Moon in Leo and courage to be yourself and acknowledging your connection to Source for the Sun in Aquarius.

The Ray this Full Moon activates is 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Healing with Archangels Raphael, the shining one who heals, and Mary, Divine Unconditional love, as our guides. The Moon in Leo also is expressed on the 1st Ray of Divine Will and Power with Archangels Michael, protection and spiritual destiny guide, and Faith, trust in self and the Universe joining Raphael and Mary to guide us.

I was not sure there would be a story this time but am grateful Runs With The Salmon spoke to me. Blessings to all until next time,



Here are the Moon phases and planetary activations. All times are 75 west longitude EST

Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius- Feb 07- 4.02am- This is an excellent aspect to focus on your hopes, wishes, and dreams. If you are in the dreamtime upon waking write down the messages you received. When you are awake create an affirmation for manifesting your dreams and spiritual vision. Saturn turns retrograde- 9.03am- When the planet of foundation and building goes on his backward journey he creates blocks and restriction at first. This is how he teaches us to break through limitation. Since Saturn is still in Libra he is giving you the opportunity to review your relationship experience since late October 2011. Whatever you have not strengthened in relationship you will now have a chance to heal and build a new way of being. Saturn will be retrograde until June 25, 2012. When he moves direct at that time the opportunity to express a new way of being, in relationship to  self and therefore others, will be the focus until Oct 25, 2012 when he leaves Libra and enters Scorpio  until Sept 2015.  Do the work now and you will be glad you did. Saturn in Scorpio will not allow you to hang onto what no longer works.  Venus in Pisces inconjunct Saturn in Libra- 3.00pm- This is an aspect of confusion and may create much uncertainty about what to choose. Wait until the Full Moon in approximately two hours and you will connect to what is right for you.

 Leo/Aquarius Full Moon- Feb 07- 4.55pm to Feb 11- 2.32am- The Animal Totem for the Moon is Salmon, determination, perseverance, and commitment. For the Sun it is Otter, curiosity, playfulness, and sharing. As you express your vision for your life do it with playful determination. The theme for this Full Moon is courage of your convictions, finding the strength within, courage to be yourself, and connecting to Source whatever that is for you. This Full Moon activates The Tarot Constellation of Strength; the principle of Courage and Self Esteem. It is also about finding the balance between the material and spiritual planes. You will then be able to handle whatever comes your way even when the world is chaotic which we expect will just intensify in the coming months. Starting April we have a series of three Super Full Moons when the Moon is closer to Earth than usual. That always “stirs the pot”.  

Venus enters Aries- Feb 08- 1.01am- The planet of Love and Beauty will be in fiery Aries until March 05. Watch out when it comes to relationship as Aries does not like to be told what to do at any time. Work with the gift of inspiration and new beginnings that this journey is offering  and Venus will guide you to creative expression. In Aries she is the spiritual warrior. Just make sure to look before you leap into something new, especially relationship. Venus in Aries “falls in love” easily and falling can be dangerous. Be aware of what you are choosing.         

Mercury in Aquarius inconjunct Mars in Virgo- Feb 09- 2.09am- The day begins with confusion as what you thought you knew turns out to be something very different. Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries- 9.29pm- This is a breakthrough influence and can be quite unpredictable if you are  burying your head “in the sand”. Do not make rash decisions. You may think you are in the clear but tomorrow’s aspects bring more confusion.

Moon conjunct Mars in Virgo- Feb 10- 12.11 am- I do not usually include the Moon aspects but this one has very powerful healing potential. When the Moon is in Virgo she is in her Soul Centered placement. This is an opportunity to experience Soul healing at a very deep level. This is especially true for men. Virgo is mind, body, spirit integration. Sun in Aquarius inconjunct Mars in Virgo- 6.30am- Some males (and females who work with Yang energy) may be choosing to disconnect with this aspect. If this is your experience express Loving Kindness to the other person. This is not a time to make important decisions about relationship, including friendships.

Libra Disseminating Moon- Feb 11- 2.32am to Feb 14- 12.05pm- This is the phase to share your knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in relationship. Just remember the other person may not see the same way you do and may try to draw you into their drama. Stay in your compassionate heart and continue to express Loving Kindness even if you have to do that at a distance.

Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone. You can contact her at her at 905-589-0192.  To receive her brochure of Astrological Sessions, New Moon Meditation Schedule or to be added to her free New Moon list contact her at  you can also find Dale on and

Copyright Dale Osadchuk 2012.

You are welcome to share this Moon information with others. Please send it in its entirety with Dale’s contact information. Thank you.

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