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It is Saint Patrick Day so I remembered this wonderful mantra – St. Patrick’s Breastplate
St. Patrick’s Breast-plate was an unexpected experience because I encountered it during an Irish music concert (Voices From The Merry Cemetery), also a powerful one – particularly the part you’ll find hereafter.
No doubt you will find similarities with other practices (for me it looks similar with the MerKaBa field), but this shouldn’t be a surprise. ;)

Saint Patrick’s Breastplate
“… Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down, Christ when I arise,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.
I arise today
Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
Through belief in the threeness,
Through confession of the oneness,
Of the Creator of Creation.”
You can read the full version at Saint Patrick’s Breastplate or listen it sung by the wonderful Rita Connelly at THE DEERS’ CRY (in 1983 Irish composer Shaun Davey set the prayer known as ‘St Patrick’s Breastplate’ to music, under the title “The Deer’s Cry”)

Only almost 3 days left from 2013.

I don’t know how was this year for you, all I know is that for me it felt like the most hectic year of my life – a crazy montagne russe with ups and downs, good and bad, light and dust, laughs and tears, life and dead, health and sickness, lots of people getting in or out of my life.

In two words – completely banana!

Sounds familiar? 🙂

Well, despite all  these it was a great year for learning and grow, even sometimes I would’ve prefer an easier way to learn. Or less stressful! 🙂

The most important thing I take with me from 2013 is the conclusion that it’s all about the state. Your state!

State of mind, state of heart, call it as you want as long as you are fully conscious that you are the only architect of your state.

I know – nothing new!

You hear everywhere and everybody saying that you are what you think, you are the only master of yourself, and so on.

Here is the thing – you are not all those, and frankly I don’t think we need to be.

It’s much simpler – you are the only one who can build, piece by piece, your own state, positive or negative.

You can build by yourself the “I’m feeling good” or “I’m feeling bad”, “I am open to change” or “I am in control”, “I am curios” or “I know everything” states.

How can you build the right state for the right moment?

Piece of cake!!!  And some very conscious work! 🙂

Let’s try a 20 seconds exercise.

Sit back, relax your body and feel how all the muscles of your face, your shoulders, your arms are relaxed.

Then think of a cloudy, rainy, windy, coooold day…

How are the muscles of your face? How does it feel your body, your shoulders?

And now shift, without any break, to thinking of a sunny, warm, lovely spring day …

How are the muscles of your face now? Your shoulders, your entire body? How do you feel now?

What just happened there? 🙂

You just builded two states – a “cloudy” one and a “sunny” one.

The “cloudy” states (like “I am not able to do / I feel bad / I don’t want / I don’t know / I know enough / I’m afraid / I’m scared, and so on) are the ones which keep our energy level down and because of the low level of energy we’re doing nothing, so the state remains “cloudy” and here we are caught into a bad/low mood perpetuum mobile.

It’s a matter of consciously building the right state for the moment we are in, either is a sunny one in a gloomy day, or the “no matter what is happening I can deal with” one, or an “open to all is new”, or my favorite “let’s see where this is going” one.

All you have to do is to find that moment when you’ve been at your best state, in a similar situation, and re-build that state.

And the greatest (and funniest 😉 ) part is that you can always add new things to these previous states, to make them best fit for the present moment.

Another state, I particularly came across this year, especially during the Presentation Skills and Public Speaking trainings I delivered – “I have nothing good to say” (which, most of the times, is coming tightly packed with “It’s easier to talk about others”).

I have to admit that seeing this state of mind in others is driving me crazy, because for many years I lived with it – I was always good in “selling” others then me.

I think this is the most disruptive state somebody can be in, as basically it doesn’t allow yourself to see and fully understand what are you good at and what you should improve.

In everything you do is something good! Even into the simple acts like breathing, walking, reading, talking on the phone, making sex, cooking, doing groceries for sure is something you do good.

Put yourself and your courage together and find those good things you do!!!

What is it good about the way you are doing it?

Is there any kind of pattern or some specific sequence?

Where else can you apply this patterns and get good results?

Can you apply these patterns to some skills you want to improve?

I don’t know if you read or saw “Gone with the wind”.

I did both few times, but only this year I fully understood that “Tomorrow is another day” said by Scarlet at the end

More than understanding it, I discovered that it isn’t necessary to wait for tomorrow or for a better mindset to happen – YOU can build it!!!

But only if you want to be in better state! 😉

Have a great New Year’s Eve and all the appropriate states in 2014! 🙂

Happy New Year, ppl! 🙂  :*

Despre sens

Nu stiu daca ati remarcat un new entry in colectia vasta a limbii/lor de lemn folosite in diverse domenii si anume cuvantul SENS. Banuiala mea este ca undeva la originea acestui f vehiculat “sens” se afla expresia englezeasca “to make sense”, numai ca undeva pe drum sensul expresiei a ricosat in peretele numit “false friends”.

O gramada de lume face sau propavaduieste lucrurile cu sens, vrea sa traiasca o viata cu sens, vrea sa … sens in tot si-n toate.

De fiecare data cand aud/vad “nu stiu ce cu sens” prima intrebare care-mi rasare in minte este – cu sens pentru cine si, mai ales, sensul cui???

Sens au toate actiunile noastre. De la actiunile unui copil care invata sa mearga pana la actiunile unui criminal, toate au un sens. Un sens al fiecarui om si un sens particular al fiecarei actiuni.

Sensul e un element personal, frate bun (daca nu chiar geaman) cu perceptia, caci sensul actiunilor mele va fi pe atat de variat perceput pe cati privitori/martori/participanti exista.

Deci … despre sensul cui este vorba? 🙂

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon                                                                                    

*Note: This message deals with specific challenges that are taking place in relationship to Chaotic Nodes. According to the Hathors, a Chaotic Node occurs when chaotic events in multiple and seemingly unrelated areas of the cosmos (including Earth) interact with each other, which in turn generates more chaotic events.  As a Chaotic Node increases in strength, many areas of our Earthly existence are affected.

By their very nature all Chaotic Nodes are challenging to biological systems. This particular Chaotic Node is especially challenging due to numerous factors we have mentioned in previous Planetary Messages. While the challenges to your eco-system, financial systems and cultural institutions are increasing, in this message we will focus on one specific area—memory and cognitive function.

The accelerated escalation of this current Chaotic Node is being driven by a shift in your Sun’s magnetic field—a reversal of its magnetic poles to be precise. This is a cyclic occurrence and takes place approximately every 11 years. The next shifting of your Sun’s magnetic fields is close at hand, and this will set off a series of significant energetics.

Due to an intimate relationship between your Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields, you are caught in a type of cosmic vice. This is due to the fact that memory is a function of magnetic fields—both internal magnetic fields as generated by your nervous system and external magnetic fields such as that of Earth. Furthermore human memory is greatly affected by the Sun’s magnetic field.

Due to the fact that the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the Sun are fluctuating, you may be experiencing cognitive challenges. These challenges may show up as temporary glitches in short term memory, an inability to sequence tasks in the ways you are used to, and a tendency to emotional volatility or instability, especially during periods of high fluctuations in the Earth’s and/or the Sun’s magnetic fields.

The energetic relationship between the Sun’s magnetic field and that of your Earth is a truly complex and fascinating area of inquiry. But for the purpose of this message, which is practical in nature, we will not go into the details of this relationship. But let us summarize this complex relationship between the Sun and the Earth this way—your Sun is affected by the Central Sun of your galaxy, which is, in truth, a black hole. This black hole ejects various forms of energy into your galaxy, which then passes through your solar system and directly affects your Sun. There is then a cascade of energy from your Sun to your Earth, and so from our perspective, the fluctuations of your Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields are catalyzed by the Central Sun of your galaxy.  As human beings, as biological organisms, you are very much affected by this cosmic process.

As your current Chaotic Node further escalates, many of you will experience more cognitive disturbances and emotional volatility or confusion. These states of dis-equilibrium can last for a few moments, a few hours, or in the case of major fluctuations, it can last for days. These are indeed trying times for embodied beings upon your Earth.

What we wish to share with you in this message is a simple, practical and highly effective technique for re-establishing balance and equilibrium within the neural pathways of your brain. Think of it as a counter-force to chaos. This method only requires three minutes of your time. If you engage this technique a few times a day, you will find that it imparts a kind of balance. You can repeat this technique throughout the day whenever you wish, especially when you feel imbalanced or cognitively challenged. We do not suggest that you engage this method before going to sleep as it tends to enliven your mental processes, and this could make sleep problematic.

The Method

This method engages your pranic tube, which extends from the crown of your head down through the center of your body to your perineum, which is located midway between your anus and your genitals. This channel (i.e., the pranic tube) follows the central axis of your body’s magnetic field.

If you put your thumb and first or second finger together and form a circle, this is approximately the size of your pranic tube. This energy channel is a conduit for connecting celestial and terrestrial energies.

Another part of the method engages a platonic solid called the octahedron. An octahedron is an eight-sided solid that is essentially two square-based pyramids that are joined at their bases. Octahedrons naturally occur in many crystalline and molecular structures.   We have referred to octahedrons in previous messages especially when we discussed the Holon of Balance. At a subtle energy level octahedrons impart balance.

In this method you imagine an octahedron in the center of your head. It is about one inch (or two centimeters) in height. This imagined octahedron is in the center of your head, and interestingly this is also the location of your pineal gland. The octahedron and your pineal gland also sit within your pranic tube.

The method involves drawing subtle energies from Earth’s magnetic field into the pranic tube via your perineum, and then drawing this subtle energy upward into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. At the same time, subtle energies from the Sun’s magnetic field enter through the crown of your head and descend into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. When these two subtle energies meet within the octahedron, they create an alchemical reaction. Through the structure of the octahedron, the energy released is balancing in nature, and this balancing effect extends throughout your entire nervous system. It is a very simple yet highly effective and elegant method.

At first it may seem cumbersome but once you get the feel of it the method will be as natural as breathing. There are five steps to the method.

Step One: Get a sense of your pranic tube that runs from the crown at the top of your head through the center of your body down to your perineum. Then extend the tube into the Earth. Some of you may find it entering into the Earth just a few inches while some of you may find it descending to the very center of the Earth. It does not matter how far into the Earth your pranic tube descends so long as it makes contact with the Earth.

Step Two: You then extend the upper portion of your pranic tube past your crown to your BA point (a cosmic portal or stargate), which is located above your head in the region where your fingers would touch were you to raise your arms directly above your head. (Note: Raising your hands above your head is for reference purposes only. You do not keep your hands raised when engaging the method.)

Step Three: You imagine an octahedron, which is about one inch (or two centimeters) tall, in the center of your head. This will be the primary focus of your attention during the method.

Step Four: This action is done solely through intention. It may help to silently say this phrase, “Through my own volition I set my worlds in motion.” You then inhale naturally, allowing subtle energy from the Earth to move up your pranic tube into the octahedron while simultaneously allowing subtle energy to descend from the top of your pranic tube via the BA point into the octahedron. Understand that you are drawing in subtle energies related to Earth’s magnetic field and the Sun’s magnetic field.

Step Five: As these two energies meet in the octahedron, which is located in the center of your head, let yourself feel the pulse or the merging of these two subtle energies. When you exhale allow this combined energy to flow outward into your brain and into your nervous system according to its own nature. By this we mean it has an innate intelligence and will flow where it needs to go if you allow it.

Depending upon your level of sensitivity you might feel a sensation of energy in the center of your head. You might experience this as a palpable energy moving through your brain. You might very well sense pulses of light emitted from the octahedron. And, in some cases, the octahedron might begin to spin or rotate. These are all positive signs. If your octahedron begins to move, spin or rotate, keep it localized in the center of your head. While it is possible to travel into other dimensions using the octahedron, in this method you keep the octahedron localized in the center of your head. This is so that the energies built within the octahedron will flow into your brain and nervous system. This will impart balancing energies and enliven the neural networks of your brain, helping to strengthen your cognitive processes, memory and emotional stability.

This simple method can be a great ally to you as you pass through the next phase of this Chaotic Node. From our perspective this Chaotic Node is increasing in a geometric progression, meaning that it is getting ever more intense. The levels of chaos upon your Earth (i.e., social unrest, political conflict, ecological stress, monetary insecurity, scarcity of resources, etc.,) are all escalating at an ever-faster rate. This will put undue stress upon your biological systems.

We strongly suggest you make this simple method part of your day-to-day life. It is better to pass through the portals of chaos with your mental and emotional abilities intact.

The Hathors
October 14, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

According to the Hathors, we can expect to see increased challenges to our cognitive and memory functions in the future as we adjust—or fail to adjust—to new levels of planetary and cosmic energetics.

The topic of cognitive functioning and memory is a very complex one, and I think it wise to mention that the Hathors are solely addressing those challenges to cognitive function and memory that are related to changes in the Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields.

If you are experiencing dramatic deficits in your cognitive abilities and memory that negatively affect your ability to function normally in your day-to-day life—beyond the temporary challenges that the Hathors are talking about—I would think it wise to consult with a medical professional. This is because some of the challenges in mental sequencing and memory that the Hathors discuss can also be the signs of an underlying neurological problem.

The catalyst for this particular message was actually a question I posed to them (the Hathors) about a month ago. I was personally experiencing a temporary and strange downgrading of my usual level of cognitive functioning—so much so that I asked them what was going on. Their response was the essence of this message.

Since receiving the technique, I have tried it in multiple situations and contexts. I imagine that each of us will find our own right timing with this method—meaning how long to wait before drawing the next in-flow of subtle energies into the pranic tube. I have personally found it best to not rush things and to allow a few moments for sensing the energetics that have been released by the octahedron. On some occasions I have noticed multiple octahedrons, all of them spinning in different directions. When I asked the Hathors about this, they said that the arising of multiple octahedrons was an expression of interdimensionality and could occur for some people. The important thing, according to them, is to allow the octahedrons to spin in whatever ways they wish, but be sure to keep them always localized in the center of the head.

I find that it is better to do the technique in short sessions throughout the day than in longer sessions, which I have tested on a few occasions. In retrospect, I think three minutes is an ideal time to engage this method. When I experimented with much longer sessions, I sometimes got too “amped up,” meaning that there was too much energy flowing into my nervous system for my comfort zone. The goal of this method is to insert short bursts of coherent energies into the nervous system periodically throughout the day for the purpose of balance. One thing I like about this method is that it is highly practical. It can be done pretty much anywhere and anytime when you are not engaged in something requiring your attention.

The Hathors view the current Chaotic Node referred to in this message as a growing tsunami-like energetic of immense proportions that is, and will continue to, affect many levels of our day-to-day life. In other words, as my seventh grade Algebra teacher used to say—“It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

The Hathors have always held the position that the journey of an Initiate(meaning those of us striving to move up in consciousness regardless of the “spiritual” traditions we might follow) is more about what happens within us than it is about what happens around us. This does not mean that we cannot or should not affect the world around us, but it does mean that the treasure of life (i.e., the spiritual gold of self-illumination) is found within.

As we enter more deeply into this current Chaotic Node, which is truly a “whopper” as well as the ones to follow, I think we will all have to find our personal path to inner balance in a world that seems to be going ever more crazy by the day.

For me, inner balance is not the goal, but it is definitely a key ally. Without a sense of inner balance it is difficult to find the treasure within us—the spiritual gold I mentioned earlier.

It is my hope that you will find this simple technique for regaining a sense of cognitive balance to be of benefit in these trying times. Whether you use this technique or not, however, is immaterial. But finding a way to attain a sense of balance in the midst of growing chaos is, in my opinion, a vitally important skillset for all of us.

Although they did not mention two methods for attaining a sense of emotional balance that they gave in previous messages, I would also refer you to the Holon of Balance as well as the Aethos (a profound sound meditation that the Hathors gave to enter non-dual states of consciousness). Both of these can be found, free of charge, in the Hathor section of the website.

©2013 Tom Kenyon  All Rights Reserved

You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you desire so long as you do not charge for it, alter it in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice.

Information not directly related to this message:

We are pleased to announce that we now have mp3 download versions of the Hathor workshop (The Sphere of All Possibilities), that took place in Seattle, Washington in 2012, available on our website. For a description of the workshop set, click here.

Our new book, The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, with an Introduction by the Hathors, was just released, but it essentially sold out in a matter of days. The second printing is at the printers and should be available soon on our website.  The book comes with a Companion CD of Arcturian Sound Meditations. Check the Store on our website ( to find out when the book is ready for shipping.

Time for holding the space for other is almost at it’s end.reiki cho1
Few more months and each of us will have to be able to do it only for himself.

Focus on learning how to hold the space for yourself, so in the near future you will be able to create and hold space TOGETHER with others.

Holding space only for yourself doesn’t mean to separate from the others, but to consciously contain and control your energy, so the others could manifest their own energies. 🙂

Let the others to learn for themselves, as it’s not your purpose to hold the space for them anymore.

For those of us who are working with people, supporting their development – it’s time to trust that our job is done and now it’s only about them flying by themselves.

You will be surprised by what you will see around you, and much more surprised by how clean, well structured and relaxed you will feel. 🙂

Arh MihailArh Gabriel

Ziua buna, dragilor! 🙂
Ne-a cam venit toamna, asa-i? 🙂
A venit si vremea sa facem curatenie in “camara” caci perioada 4-21 octombrie este una foarte buna pentru “igienizarea” relatiilor pe care le aveti cu oameni, amintiri, emotii, locuri, lucruri, etc (amintiti-va ca relatie = energie investita / primita).
 Inspirata de articolul “What we resonate with?”, scris de Jennifer Hoffman, va sugerez sa folositi urmatorul “algoritm”, pentru a avea o perspectiva cat mai clara:
1. Rezonez cu acest om/emotie/amintire/loc/lucru?
2. Acest om/emotie/amintire/loc/lucru isi are locul/face sens, in acest moment, in viata mea?
3. Cum ma influenteaza?
4. Ce impact ar avea asupra mea lipsa lui?
5. Este acest om/emotie/amintire/loc/lucru in ton cu energia mea de acum si exista spatiu pentru el in campul meu?
Alegerile sunt intotdeauna greu de facut, mai ales atunci cand este vorba sa renuntam la cineva/ceva, dar sunt necesare pentru a putea merge mai departe, pentru a evolua. 
Asa cum spune si Jennifer – “use resonance to make choices … remember that everything is energetic and making choices based on resonance keeps us within the scope of our intention so that everything we manifest is an aspect of our most powerful, heartfelt intentions for ourselves and our life.”
Saptamana faina,
Don’t forget to light your colors,
A 😉 🙂
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