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Diana Soare


“I believe in life. I believe in beauty.diana 2 I believe in love. I believe in people. I believe anything is possible as long as you really want it.”

My seeking for spirituality started when I was very young, around 10-11 years old. I needed to believe that there is something more in this world, bigger than the simple breathing and material existence.

I looked for information, but information was not enough back in the 1980s.

No information, no books, no computer, no guru. I talked to people, but people looked in daze.

Some of them sent me to church, some sent me to the doctor. I never went to the doctor, but I went to church. I couldn’t find, though, what I was looking for. And I stopped talking to people.

But I started to believe in God.

Why? Probably because God seemed to be the only way I could take at that moment.

Years later and many paths taken, wandering, enjoying, crying, reading, feeling, facing, leaving,starting, watching, working, hating, hurting, loving…

I found myself  in these words of Dalai Lama ““My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” .

And I finally understood. No struggle is ever going to get me to the one place I would ever want to be: my heart. I live in my heart, with my heart and for my heart.

But it took me 35 years to understand.

At 34 I was dying.

It took one year to get back on the track and another two years to get where I really needed to be.

You might say that a heart can be broken and you’re right.

Sometimes, I still break mine. But love makes miracles. Not only for the heart.

I lost, I fell down, I broke myself, I hurt myself and people I loved, I cried and ached, but I learned to get up, try one more time, get better, love again, heal and rise.

Today I work, I love, I dream, I make it happen. It was a long and difficult road, but it was beautiful and meaningful. I still have bad days, I live in the middle of the city.

But I know better now. And still learning. Every day.

I practice Prananadi, which is not only a very old Tibetan healing therapy, but a way of living, a choice and a way to personal development and change. If you need to know more on the subject, you can find info here:

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