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Happy Hanukkah, dear friends!


First Day of Hanukkah in United Kingdom

The first day of Hanukkah is the start of the Hanukkah period, also known as Chanukah or Festival of Lights. Many Jewish communities in the United Kingdom begin celebrating the miracle of the sanctified oil during this time of the year. The first day of Hanukkah falls on 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev.


What do people do?

Many Jewish people in the United Kingdom light one candle or oil lamp on the first day of Hanukkah. They also light one extra candle or oil lamp in case they need a flame or light for some other purpose. The candle or oil lamp is placed in a candle stick known as a hanukiah. This has space for eight candles or oil lamps and an extra one. The hanukiah may be lit in a private home, synagogue or a public place, such as Trafalgar Square in London.

Many Jewish people light two candles or oil lamps and one additional one on the second day of Hanukkah. This process continues until the eighth, or last, day of Hanukkah. Then they light eight candles or oil lamps and one additional one.

It is also common practice for people of Jewish faith to recite special prayers and sing or recite traditional hymns at Hanukkah. Jewish choirs perform songs and hymns. Families and groups of friends play Hanukkah games together. Children may receive real or chocolate money and gifts. Many Jewish people eat foods fried in oil, such as potato cakes and donuts, and dairy products.

Public life

The first day of Hanukkah is not a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. There may be some congestion near synagogues. Jewish businesses may be closed or have different opening hours. Jewish children at state schools can obtain permission to have time off school to celebrate this holiday.


The Jewish festival of Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian Greeks sometime around 165 BCE. The Maccabees were a group of Jews and gained their victory after a war lasting three years.

The Holy Temple in Jerusalem had been used for non-Jewish religious rituals during the war. Following the end of the war, the Maccabees re-dedicated the temple and found a single vial of sanctified oil. This was enough to burn in the menorah, or candle stick, for just one day. However, the rituals demanded that this burn for eight days. Miraculously, the flames in the menorah stayed alight for eight days. This is known as the miracle of the oil and is celebrated at Hanukkah.


Symbols of Hanukkah include:

  • Candle sticks with space for the nine candles or oil lamps that are lit during the eight days of Hanukkah known as hanukiah.
  • Square spinning tops known as dreidels. There is a letter on each of the faces. These letters have symbolic meanings and are used in seasonal games.
  • Donuts, potato cakes and other foods cooked in oil.
  • Chocolate money.

Children in some families receive small gifts on each of the eight days of Hanukkah or a single larger gift.


Another round of interesting times

Very interesting the different alerts, coming from the astrological / esoteric practitioners, for the next couple of  weeks, on volatile situations regarding authorities, states, government, political and social systems.

All the ones I’ve seen (from different schools, current traditions – deh, I had to check different sources 😉 ) insist very much on:
– Do not get caught / absorbed in what will follow
– Act / think in terms of “we” not “I” (this time the message is very earthy, far beyond the overused “We are all one”)

One example is Tom’s report.

Astrology Forecast 15th July, Tom Lecher

I am really interested in what will follow!

My personal advice is to prepare yourself by adopting the curiosity and the Observer position, as a way to not get involved and keep the balance.



It’s all about the state. Your state!

Only almost 3 days left from 2013.

I don’t know how was this year for you, all I know is that for me it felt like the most hectic year of my life – a crazy montagne russe with ups and downs, good and bad, light and dust, laughs and tears, life and dead, health and sickness, lots of people getting in or out of my life.

In two words – completely banana!

Sounds familiar? 🙂

Well, despite all  these it was a great year for learning and grow, even sometimes I would’ve prefer an easier way to learn. Or less stressful! 🙂

The most important thing I take with me from 2013 is the conclusion that it’s all about the state. Your state!

State of mind, state of heart, call it as you want as long as you are fully conscious that you are the only architect of your state.

I know – nothing new!

You hear everywhere and everybody saying that you are what you think, you are the only master of yourself, and so on.

Here is the thing – you are not all those, and frankly I don’t think we need to be.

It’s much simpler – you are the only one who can build, piece by piece, your own state, positive or negative.

You can build by yourself the “I’m feeling good” or “I’m feeling bad”, “I am open to change” or “I am in control”, “I am curios” or “I know everything” states.

How can you build the right state for the right moment?

Piece of cake!!!  And some very conscious work! 🙂

Let’s try a 20 seconds exercise.

Sit back, relax your body and feel how all the muscles of your face, your shoulders, your arms are relaxed.

Then think of a cloudy, rainy, windy, coooold day…

How are the muscles of your face? How does it feel your body, your shoulders?

And now shift, without any break, to thinking of a sunny, warm, lovely spring day …

How are the muscles of your face now? Your shoulders, your entire body? How do you feel now?

What just happened there? 🙂

You just builded two states – a “cloudy” one and a “sunny” one.

The “cloudy” states (like “I am not able to do / I feel bad / I don’t want / I don’t know / I know enough / I’m afraid / I’m scared, and so on) are the ones which keep our energy level down and because of the low level of energy we’re doing nothing, so the state remains “cloudy” and here we are caught into a bad/low mood perpetuum mobile.

It’s a matter of consciously building the right state for the moment we are in, either is a sunny one in a gloomy day, or the “no matter what is happening I can deal with” one, or an “open to all is new”, or my favorite “let’s see where this is going” one.

All you have to do is to find that moment when you’ve been at your best state, in a similar situation, and re-build that state.

And the greatest (and funniest 😉 ) part is that you can always add new things to these previous states, to make them best fit for the present moment.

Another state, I particularly came across this year, especially during the Presentation Skills and Public Speaking trainings I delivered – “I have nothing good to say” (which, most of the times, is coming tightly packed with “It’s easier to talk about others”).

I have to admit that seeing this state of mind in others is driving me crazy, because for many years I lived with it – I was always good in “selling” others then me.

I think this is the most disruptive state somebody can be in, as basically it doesn’t allow yourself to see and fully understand what are you good at and what you should improve.

In everything you do is something good! Even into the simple acts like breathing, walking, reading, talking on the phone, making sex, cooking, doing groceries for sure is something you do good.

Put yourself and your courage together and find those good things you do!!!

What is it good about the way you are doing it?

Is there any kind of pattern or some specific sequence?

Where else can you apply this patterns and get good results?

Can you apply these patterns to some skills you want to improve?

I don’t know if you read or saw “Gone with the wind”.

I did both few times, but only this year I fully understood that “Tomorrow is another day” said by Scarlet at the end

More than understanding it, I discovered that it isn’t necessary to wait for tomorrow or for a better mindset to happen – YOU can build it!!!

But only if you want to be in better state! 😉

Have a great New Year’s Eve and all the appropriate states in 2014! 🙂

Happy New Year, ppl! 🙂  :*

Despre sens

Nu stiu daca ati remarcat un new entry in colectia vasta a limbii/lor de lemn folosite in diverse domenii si anume cuvantul SENS. Banuiala mea este ca undeva la originea acestui f vehiculat “sens” se afla expresia englezeasca “to make sense”, numai ca undeva pe drum sensul expresiei a ricosat in peretele numit “false friends”.

O gramada de lume face sau propavaduieste lucrurile cu sens, vrea sa traiasca o viata cu sens, vrea sa … sens in tot si-n toate.

De fiecare data cand aud/vad “nu stiu ce cu sens” prima intrebare care-mi rasare in minte este – cu sens pentru cine si, mai ales, sensul cui???

Sens au toate actiunile noastre. De la actiunile unui copil care invata sa mearga pana la actiunile unui criminal, toate au un sens. Un sens al fiecarui om si un sens particular al fiecarei actiuni.

Sensul e un element personal, frate bun (daca nu chiar geaman) cu perceptia, caci sensul actiunilor mele va fi pe atat de variat perceput pe cati privitori/martori/participanti exista.

Deci … despre sensul cui este vorba? 🙂

Focus – holding your OWN space

Time for holding the space for other is almost at it’s end.reiki cho1
Few more months and each of us will have to be able to do it only for himself.

Focus on learning how to hold the space for yourself, so in the near future you will be able to create and hold space TOGETHER with others.

Holding space only for yourself doesn’t mean to separate from the others, but to consciously contain and control your energy, so the others could manifest their own energies. 🙂

Let the others to learn for themselves, as it’s not your purpose to hold the space for them anymore.

For those of us who are working with people, supporting their development – it’s time to trust that our job is done and now it’s only about them flying by themselves.

You will be surprised by what you will see around you, and much more surprised by how clean, well structured and relaxed you will feel. 🙂

Inca un ragaz pentru a face alegeri

Ziua buna, dragilor! 🙂
Ne-a cam venit toamna, asa-i? 🙂
A venit si vremea sa facem curatenie in “camara” caci perioada 4-21 octombrie este una foarte buna pentru “igienizarea” relatiilor pe care le aveti cu oameni, amintiri, emotii, locuri, lucruri, etc (amintiti-va ca relatie = energie investita / primita).
 Inspirata de articolul “What we resonate with?”, scris de Jennifer Hoffman, va sugerez sa folositi urmatorul “algoritm”, pentru a avea o perspectiva cat mai clara:
1. Rezonez cu acest om/emotie/amintire/loc/lucru?
2. Acest om/emotie/amintire/loc/lucru isi are locul/face sens, in acest moment, in viata mea?
3. Cum ma influenteaza?
4. Ce impact ar avea asupra mea lipsa lui?
5. Este acest om/emotie/amintire/loc/lucru in ton cu energia mea de acum si exista spatiu pentru el in campul meu?
Alegerile sunt intotdeauna greu de facut, mai ales atunci cand este vorba sa renuntam la cineva/ceva, dar sunt necesare pentru a putea merge mai departe, pentru a evolua. 
Asa cum spune si Jennifer – “use resonance to make choices … remember that everything is energetic and making choices based on resonance keeps us within the scope of our intention so that everything we manifest is an aspect of our most powerful, heartfelt intentions for ourselves and our life.”
Saptamana faina,
Don’t forget to light your colors,
A 😉 🙂

Despre ego, cu dragoste si echilibru

… astazi mi-au cazut ochii pe un afis care incepea cam asa:



M-a facut sa ma intreb, in conditiile in care peste tot in jurul nostru auzim ca ego-ul e ala mic si rau, care trebuie starpit, nimicit, redus la tacere absoluta, omorat – oare suprimarea/negarea/uciderea unei parti din ceea ce suntem ne face in mod real mai umani, mai reali, mai echilibrati?

Sau este o amputare in urma careia nu  ne vom putea restabili un echilibru real, cu sine si cu lumea, niciodata?

Ego-ul este cu adevarat ala agitat, care vrea de toate, care face si desface multe, si bune si rele (este cineva care nu a progresat pentru ca ego-ul i-a spus ca poate mai bine, poate mai mult?), dar este o parte integranta din noi, nu este un parazit grefat in noi, este al nostru si cred ca secretul  nu este sa-l amputam, ci sa-l intelegem si sa gasim calea prin care sa avem o relatie echilibrata cu ego-ul nostru, asa cum secretul unei stari “zen” nu este negarea/ignorarea lucrurilor care ne deranjeaza sau negative, ci intelegerea lor ca fenomen/proces si detasarea de ele.


Ce parere aveti?


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