living the time of shifting from service to creation

Very interesting the different alerts, coming from the astrological / esoteric practitioners, for the next couple of  weeks, on volatile situations regarding authorities, states, government, political and social systems.

All the ones I’ve seen (from different schools, current traditions – deh, I had to check different sources 😉 ) insist very much on:
– Do not get caught / absorbed in what will follow
– Act / think in terms of “we” not “I” (this time the message is very earthy, far beyond the overused “We are all one”)

One example is Tom’s report.

Astrology Forecast 15th July, Tom Lecher

I am really interested in what will follow!

My personal advice is to prepare yourself by adopting the curiosity and the Observer position, as a way to not get involved and keep the balance.



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