living the time of shifting from service to creation

Time for holding the space for other is almost at it’s end.reiki cho1
Few more months and each of us will have to be able to do it only for himself.

Focus on learning how to hold the space for yourself, so in the near future you will be able to create and hold space TOGETHER with others.

Holding space only for yourself doesn’t mean to separate from the others, but to consciously contain and control your energy, so the others could manifest their own energies. 🙂

Let the others to learn for themselves, as it’s not your purpose to hold the space for them anymore.

For those of us who are working with people, supporting their development – it’s time to trust that our job is done and now it’s only about them flying by themselves.

You will be surprised by what you will see around you, and much more surprised by how clean, well structured and relaxed you will feel. 🙂

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