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Moon phases and planetary activations for May 5-22, 2012

by Dale Osadchuk

All times are 75 west longitude EDT

For GMT please add 5 hours. For Romania time please add 7 hours

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Mercury in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra- May 05- 9.07pm EDT- This is a relationship challenge. Oppositions can be polarizing. Mercury in Aries can be self absorbed and Saturn in Libra can be passive aggressive making the other make decisions that they do not like. Do not get caught in this trap. The positive influence of an opposition is co-operation so both people in relationship are empowered. The message is create harmony not resistance.  This leads us into the powerful Scorpio Full Moon Just ahead.

Scorpio/Taurus Super Full Moon- May 05- 11.36pm EDT to May 09- 4.51am EDT- This is the second Super Full Moon in our series of three. There was a lot of tornado and earthquake activities at the last one in April so do not be surprised to see more. Pluto rules the Moon in Scorpio and he, along with Uranus, are the planets most associated with earthquakes. Remember those two are entering their square aspect soon. The square in astrology brings us the challenge of change.

This is the Full Moon of Transformation. Snake, shedding the old, is the Animal Totem for the Moon in Scorpio and Beaver, building the new, is the guide for the Sun in Taurus. This Lunation asks you to identify what no longer serves you, release it, and make space for the new that is waiting to manifest. Our New Moon on May 20 is a Solar Eclipse and influences the following six months. If you let go now at this Full Moon of Transformation you will not have to carry the old for that period. Set yourself free.

Mars in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries- May 08- 2.45am EDT- This aspect so early in the morning EDT may not have a great impact but it depends on the time zone you live in. As it sets the tone for the day try not to make any major decisions. Inconjuncts are aspects of confusion. Wait until Mercury enters Taurus tomorrow to take action.

Mercury enters Taurus- May 09- 1.14am EDT- The planet of our thoughts and perceptions will only be in this Earth sign until May 24. Taurus is naturally considered to be The Growing Time. Focus on your inner garden and what you want to grow and expand. The seeds you planted at the Taurus New Moon of April 22 are now bursting forth and it is important to nurture them.

Capricorn Disseminating Moon- May 09- 4.51am EDT to May 12- 5.48pm EDT- This is the phase to share your knowledge and wisdom but also to stand in your truth. As Capricorn is a symbol for society the challenge will be to find your inner strength and courage to be yourself as you relate to your world and the people in it.

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces- May 10- 5.59pm EDT- This aspect is a wonderful opportunity to connect with spirit and anchor that into your physical experience. Once the door to Soul Consciousness is opened life becomes easier because you are being guided by Creator and Great Mystery. You feel connected to the Oneness Of All. If possible take time to meditate on that connection and you will be blessed.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces- May 12- 10.14am EDT- Pluto and Chiron work very well together and as this is a harmonious aspect they are offering you the energy to continue to “shed the old” which is the theme of this Moon cycle. Do not miss this opportunity to set yourself free from what no longer serves you on a physical, emotional, or even spiritual level.

Aquarius Fourth Quarter Moon- May 12- 5.48pm EDT to May 16- 4.25pm EDT- This is the realignment and re-vision phase and continues the Pluto (release) and Chiron (healing) energy from earlier today. This is the perfect phase to re-vision your vision. That is the focus for the next 4 days. The Moon in Aquarius reminds you to find the courage to be yourself and to connect with Source, whatever that is for you.

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus- May 13- 9.23am EDT- Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces- 1.24 pm EDT- Mercury in Taurus trine Mars in Virgo- 4.54 pm EDT- These aspects are supporting your spiritual beliefs and path. This is the perfect day to anchor your connection to your Soul Essence Self especially when the Moon (Soul) and Neptune (enlightenment) meet. Just remember Neptune is also about illusion. Know what is true, what is not true and what can never be true. Focus on your truth.

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn- May 14- 4.09am EDT- Mercury in Taurus sextile Chiron in Pisces- 5.07am EDT- These aspects continue the theme of “shedding the old” and anchoring your new way of being. This is important for the Sun in Taurus inconjunct Saturn in Libra- at 8.55am EDT- will bring up some challenges in relationship connected to shared values and beliefs. If you and the significant others in your life are not in alignment now is the day to confront the underlying issues. Venus turns retrograde tomorrow and will emphasise whatever is not working. The only problem is an inconjunct is a confusing aspect. Be honest with yourself and clarity will be the result.

Venus in Gemini turns retrograde- May 15- 10.33am EDT- Venus (self love) in Gemini (duality or unity) is the ruler of this Taurus New Moon cycle (April 21) we are in. When she goes on one of her rare retrograde phases she is getting ready to journey into the underworld. When she does (beginning May 30 to June 12) she will still be in Gemini and asking us to write our new life stories. For the Taurus Moon cycle she is asking us to let go of whatever blocks us from being empowered in our life and to embrace what is really important.

On June 05 Venus will cross in front of the Sun, a symbol for feminine power to be realized in the world. It is a very rare astronomical occurrence and will not happen again until the year 2117 so it is important to connect spiritually with the personal message this event is bringing to you. On June 12 the Goddess of Love and Personal Power will rise as Morning Star, Bringer of the Light and Spiritual Warrior. This begins a new 584 day journey whose theme will be the choice to love and unite and bring harmony and balance to our world and the Earth Mother. We certainly do live in exciting times.

Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn- May 16- 12.26pm EDT- This is a very healing aspect and sets the tone for the Moon Phase we are about to enter. Use this aspect to heal and release whatever blocks you from feeling empowered in your life. Aries Balsamic Moon- 4.25pm EDT to May 20- 7.48pm EDT- Whatever you have been working on since the Aries New Moon of March 22 is now at the completion phase. Mercury and Mars were still retrograde at that time so even though Aries is about new beginnings there were delays. The Balsamic Phase always ask us to forgive, heal, release, complete, and transform. Use this phase to let go of whatever blocks you from your new life and personal power. That has really been the theme for the last 8 weeks.

Jupiter in Taurus inconjunct Saturn in Libra- 6.42pm EDT- When relationship is based on shared values and mutual support this aspect will just be a minor irritation, if relationship is not in alignment this aspect will emphasize that. Remember it all starts with you. When the relationship to self is balanced that is what you will attract.

Mars in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces- May 17- 2.56am EDT- Even though this is an opposition (tug of war) Chiron always shows us how to resolve the issue we are focused on. Let the Wounded Healer guide you to finding integration and balance within. Then Mars will work with you as you express your personal power wherever you need to.

Sun enters Gemini- May 20- 11.16am EDT- The Animal Totem who guides us while the Sun is in Gemini (until Summer Solstice on June 20) is Deer, sensitivity, empathy, and Love. The Sun is a symbol for our identity and sense of personal power. Gemini is our thoughts, perceptions, and style of communication. The focus for the next month is to relate to the world with love and compassion. Yes, even with those in your life who are difficult. They are your greatest teachers.

Gemini New Moon Eclipse- May 20- 7.48pm EDT- This is a very potent New Moon as it influences us until November 2012. It is aligned with the Fixed Star Alcyone in The Pleiades, also called The Seven Sisters. This Star is associated with the mystical and inner vision but the shadow side is to be judgmental and narrow-minded. That is what we all need to avoid and to be open-minded and accepting.

The theme for this Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse of June 04 is “success and a long awaited breakthrough, acceptance of ideas that are out of the mainstream.” The confusion we have been experiencing since November 2011 is now cleared. It has been like driving through fog and now we are back in the sunlight.

The Sabian Symbol for this Lunation is “a glass bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders” “the conscious mind becoming clear and a new dimension of reality is perceived” So we all have the opportunity to write our new story and live it.

Mercury in Taurus inconjunct Saturn in Libra- May 21- 8.51am EDT- This is the first challenge regarding our new story. Use this aspect to identify what is not working in relationship and transform it. It will be of upmost importance for our breakthrough to continue.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Taurus—May 22- 1.58am EDT- This early morning aspect is bringing you blessings and the promise of growth and expansion. If you are awake meditate to receive the message of how that will look for you. If you are asleep upon waking pay attention to the dreamtime messages you received. Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini- 5.24pm- The Moon and Venus will be very low in the west and caught in twilight so unless you have an unobstructed view they will be hard to see. But the message is your new story is blessed and supported by the Universe, Creator, and Great Mystery.

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