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So, we are at the super strong Full Moon from May 5-6, 2012, which is the start of a pretty intense 2 weeks till the Eclipse from May 20, 2012.

We’ll have 2 funny weeks, guiz, so fasten your seatbelts! 🙂

As you know the Full Moon and the 2 weeks after are times of building, processing, making things, implementing what was just an idea or a plan during the time of the New Moon.

As my dear friend, Andrea Tteja, was saying – “This is a super moon, the largest moon of the year and very powerful. Harness the power for a commitment or bid for power.  Remember that you do not need to KNOW all the steps and details of how it will all turn out. In fact it is best if you give the “how” of it over to spirit. To have right intellectual information beforehand is not essential, often that is what gets in the way and holds you back from going for it. ♥ Shift your point of reference. As the earth goes though major changes, our points of reference must change as well. This full moon provides an opportunity to embrace the new in a very positive way.”

You will find few more info about this Super Full Moon, hereafter, via Children of the Sun (they are still a bit too aggressive for my taste, but they have good info).

“This Weekend’s Taurus Full Moon Super Moon

What is called the Taurus Full Moon is the celebration of the great Buddha’s birthday (Wesak). It also happens to be the Celtic celebration of Beltaine. The emotions and the tides will greatly increase by the close proximity of the Moon to the Earth…. gifting to us what is called a Super Moon this Sunday, May 6th.

Along with this are two  alignments; Saturn/Venus/Sun and Mercury/Venus/Mars. The first of these is likely to be the strongest of the two. The stern teacher that is the “Divine Goddess” is energized by the Sun. The image of Kali or the Morrigan come to mind, as a grand purification process. The second alignment is Mars/Venus/ Mercury.  Mercury rules communication, health and kundalini energy. So, this configuration indicates a non-polar balance in energies. Male and female energies are balanced.

This waning (diminishing) from a Super Moon towards an eclipse signifies a purging with a reboot at the end.

Put it all together and we have a Goddess directed purification to culminate in a reboot of our sun!

The Taurus Sun

The powerful energy of this Super Moon does not really go away… it becomes an annular eclipse. This is where the sun is not totally blocked by the moon and it will appear as if  a great dark body stands between us and the sun leaving a fiery ring.

This will track right over Mount Shasta and through Hopi Land. So these sacred spiritual area will be most directly affected.

Moreover, there is an alignment with Alcyone otherwise known as the Central Sun to our galactic system. Our solar system is actually part of the Sagittarius sub galaxy. We revolve our its Central Sun and it is Alcyone that revolves around the Milky Way Galactic Core.

So there are two galactic alignments that are significant. The first being the alignment of Earth/Moon/Sun/Alcyone/Milky Way Galactic Core. This happens on May 20th.


Full Moon May 5-6 … through to the New Moon Eclipse on May 20

This is a time in which many of us may be sitting in the womb of uncomfortable emptiness, flat-lined from all of our thoughts and mental constructs. We might be entering the great void for a period of time to allow more of the erasure to happen.

ERASE the programs

ERASE the imposed concepts and beliefs

The mind wants to make sense of  things. We build concepts upon concepts from mind constructs and beliefs  systems. These concepts turn into desires, attachments, justifications,  frustrations, excuses, avoidance. We go back to what feels comfortable  and secure.

DISSOLVE the monkey mind

DISSOLVE the control of the free will

DISSOLVE the imposed mind constructs and beliefs systems

It   can be a confusing and disorienting phase as the illusory concepts  melt  from the dissolving framework of our human self. Yet,  simultaneously, as  the dissolve occurs, the pathways are instantly  recoded and resultant  suffering is not nearly as intense as we have  experienced in the past,  if any at all.

Some  of us still carry obstructing pieces of the ego dominant, electrically  overcharged blueprint creating blinding resistances to fully letting go.  These patterns can be found even within the most spiritually advanced.  We must get into the crevices and un-trench these lower frequency forms.

As  we surrender the human consciousness and endure its final dismantling  process, a new multidimensional operating system completely over-rides  the human design.




It is a time of extreme vulnerability as we are completely emptied and the human consciousness fades into oblivion. Please be sensitive to your and each others process. and again, never to take anything personal. The group support is invaluable and so crucial  to our stability.”

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