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It is the New Moon, so it is time for the first story, on 2012, from Dale. 

Technical info and few personal considerations on Dale’s message


– please consider that for the GMT time of this event you have to add 5h to the time specified  (2.40am EST  = 7.40am GMT)

– for Romania local time add 7 hours (2.40am EST  = 9.40am EET/ Romania time)

Some personal considerations:

If you ask me this day, Jan 23 2012, is a bit crowd with energies, as we have 3 important events in less than 24 hours:

1. Mars going retrograde (from Jan 23 until Apr 13, with the retrograde shadow lasting until June 19)

2. Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon 

3. The Aquarius New Moon 

… Told you – it is a crowd day so I will make some comments only on Mars going retrograde (as Dale explains excellent the other 2 aspects of this day).

It is pretty hard for an outgoing guy like MarsThe Red Warrior, the planet of action, fight – to stop, to take a rest.

Not nice at all!

And on top of this, this is happening while Mars is in Virgo (Nov 10, 2011 to July 03, 2012) who’s responsible, from esoteric point of view, with the integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Well … yes!

It is  time take a break from running forward and take a look, review, adjust, re-vision and realign at whatever was in you attention since Nov 2011.

You can start by asking yourself:

Where/when was the start point?

Where am I now?

Where do I go?

Am I on the right track?

Is this MY track?

… and continue with the questions rising in your mind, but do not forget that the only real moment is YOUR “NOW” moment.

All this time you can ask for guidance and support from Arch. Uriel and Aurora (his feminine aspect) and from Arch. Jophiel and Christine (his feminine aspect).

Enjoy the reading and see you at the Full Moon,


2012 Aquarius New Moon the Rest and Cleansing Time

And Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon

By Dale Osadchuk

23 Jan 2012 at 2.40am EST and 7.40am GMT

22 Jan 2012 at 11.40pm PST

As the sisters climbed the path to the Star Temple the western horizon was ablaze with crimson and gold. Grandfather Sun had just set and night was beginning. Because this was a New Moon darkness would allow the Starry Ones to be very prominent in the indigo sky. Shooting Star was always happy when she could receive the messages from the Star People. She was the Keeper of their Wisdom. She also could talk to the animals. As she and Snowy Owl reached the Sacred Space she said out loud “I wonder what the message will be tonight?” As soon as the words were spoken all the Animal Totems for the different Moon cycles appeared at the entrance to the Star Temple.

Brown Otter and Black Otter led the way. They were Shooting Star’s spirit walkers. Before she had received her medicine name she was called Laughing Otter. The Otters’ gift was playfulness and sharing. She was delighted to see her dear friends for that was how she thought of them. Then all the other spirit walkers entered the Temple. Cougar, Wolf, Red Tailed Hawk, Beaver, Deer, Flicker, Salmon, Brown Bear, Crow, Raven, Snake, Elk, Owl, and Snow Goose joined the circle.  Shooting Star and Snowy Owl knew this was an important ceremony for each spirit walker was a guide for every two legged.

As the group settled in their places Shooting Star heard a booming voice from the east direction.  It was Red Warrior Star. “I am here to tell you the time for introspection and healing is the focus for the two leggeds in the far away time. Most humans have forgotten how to listen to their inner voice because they are too concerned with taking action in an outer way. Usually I am all for action for that is my purpose but I am going on a backwards journey beginning with this Rest and Cleansing Moon Time. For the next three Moon cycles I am asking the two leggeds to allow Brown Bear to guide them so that healing and wholeness can happen. Red Tailed Hawk will also assist bringing messages from Creator and Great Mystery about how to do that.” Red Warrior momentarily disappeared behind some Cloud People which gave those in the circle the chance integrate the message.

As he reappeared he continued to say “I ask all of you to be guides for those who are needing to learn how to listen to their Inner Knowing. In order to do that humans need to heal the past so they can walk into the new with peace in their hearts and balance in their lives. Only then will they find their true selves. Go now and be the spiritual guides for those who are ready.”

Shooting Star, Snowy Owl, and all the Animal Totems rose up together. They were ready to fulfill the request Red Warrior Star had asked of them.


Each of us has access to all the Animal Totems mentioned in our story for they are found in the 12 sections that make up our individual Natal Mandala. The Red Warrior Star is also activating some aspect of our life experience as he goes on his retrograde journey Jan 23 to Apr 13. Wherever Virgo is in your birth chart Mars, the planet of action, is taking a rest.  This can be frustrating for the world demands that we focus “out there”. While Mars is in Virgo (Nov 10, 2011 to July 03, 2012) the Animal Totem who guides us is Brown Bear, introspection and healing. Red Tailed Hawk, spiritual messenger, is the natural guide for Mars so we must pay attention to the symbols and signs Creator and Great Mystery send us on this journey to wholeness.

The planet of action does not like this journey in Virgo very much and kind of resents the retrograde journey for it requires looking within and readjusting and realigning our focus. Mars would rather be off fighting a battle “out there” somewhere. Since he only goes on a backward journey once in 26 months we must take advantage of the opportunity to connect within. Whatever you were focused on from Nov 17, 2011 to now, Jan 23, 2012, is up for review, adjustment, re-visioning, and realignment until Apr 13. But Mars will not clear his retrograde shadow until June 19 so expect some residue to remain until then. If you know your birth time an astrologer can tell you what area of your life the Red Warrior is activating. Even without birth time the natal planets being aspected can be identified giving you insight into the journey for the next 5 months.

Remember Virgo’s esoteric meaning is mind, body, and spirit integration so we can be of spiritual service.

Mars is a 6th Ray planet and Virgo a 6th Ray sign. It is the Ray of Idealism and Devotion. As we have mentioned in the past a difficult Ray to master for it is sometimes expressed through dogma and fanaticism. Virgo has a need to be “right” and Mars has a need to act assertively. Who knows how this retrograde journey will activate world events. The other 6th Ray planet is Neptune. The questions are; what is true, what is not true, what can never be true. Neptune is a symbol for illusion or enlightenment. On a personal level focus on inner healing and your intuitive knowing and all will come into alignment. Virgo is also a 2nd Ray sign, Divine Love and Wisdom, so the support from Creator and Great Mystery is all around you as you choose wholeness.

The Archangels who guide us for this Mars retrograde journey in Virgo are Uriel, peace and love, and Aurora Grace, gentleness and ease for the 6th Ray. Archangels Jophiel, spiritual vision and creative power, and Constance Christine, spiritual illumination and enlightenment are our 2nd Ray guides. The amazing support from the Universe is always there for us. All we need to do is ask.

This New Moon at 02 degrees 42 minutes of Aquarius also marks the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon. This is a very powerful symbol for it was the Animal Totem associated with the Emperor. This mythical creature promises the gifts of courage, inner strength, good fortune, abundance, and prosperity. Dragons are fiery and can be fierce. I know as I live with two Fire Dragons.  But water is a symbol for intuitive guidance and flowing with life. This Water Dragon is a powerful guide for all us as we travel the path that this much talked about year 2012 opens for us. If you are turning 60 years of age this year ( if you are born in Jan or Feb 1952 or 1953 you would have to check the dates for your year of birth as the Chinese calendar is a lunar one) this is the year of your birth Dragon. This is a very significant and powerful year for you.

I am going to copy the rest of the insights for this Rest and Cleansing Aquarius New Moon Time from a previous article with some revisions as clock time is of the essence at the moment. Mars is the ruler of my natal Sun in Aries so I am already feeling the retrograde influence but wanted to share the spiritual meaning of this Lunation.

Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Zodiac shows us, wherever it falls in our natal Mandala, the gifts our Soul has chosen to give to the world. That is what is being emphasised with this Aquarius New Moon. It is asking you to make a deeper commitment to living your Soul Purpose and join friends and groups that are wanting to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness from fear to love. All the protests that began in 2011 are about to manifest more intensely. Aquarius asks us to support the concept of freedom for all.

The Animal Totem for this New Moon is Otter, the power of curiosity, joy, playfulness, sharing, and friendship. Otter teaches us to go with the flow and experience life’s challenges effortlessly and easily. This Spirit Walker also reminds us of the value of loyalty and companionship along our journey. Wisdom Keeper is the Clan Mother who guides us at this New Moon. She is the keeper of planetary memory and all Earth records, particularly the stone and crystal kingdoms. She is the guardian of sacred traditions, sacred points of view, and honouring the truth in all things. She teaches us the value of friendship and the importance of our connection to all our relations. She teaches us to be fully present in the moment and to follow our dreams and vision. More of her story can be found in the 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine, both by Jamie Sams.

Aquarius, along with Leo, is found on the Tarot Constellation of Strength. It is the principle of balance between the material and spiritual planes. The theme is courage of your convictions, acknowledging the strength within, COURAGE TO BE YOURSELF AND ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR CONNECTION TO SOURCE. We have capitalized the latter for this is what Aquarius emphasises.

Again this is what this New Moon and Mars retrograde is asking you to do.

Aquarius is only found on the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Healing. This is the Ray of doctors, chiropractors, and dentists who practice western medicine but also the Ray of alternative healers who practice energy medicine to facilitate mind, body, and spirit alignment. Again this is the focus of the Mars retrograde journey.

The Archangels who guide us at this New Moon are Raphael, the shinning one who heals, and Mary, nurturing Divine unconditional love. Whenever you call on them they will always answer.

The ruler of this Aquarius New Moon is Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and breakthrough. He is in Aries and working in harmony with the Moon and Sun in Aquarius and travelling with the dwarf planet Ceres, the nurturing principle. Together they support freedom of the individual and personal empowerment. Uranus and Ceres in Aries are square Pluto, transformation, in Capricorn, society. This aspect between Uranus and Pluto of finding new ways of doing things is just the tip of the iceberg. Their “square dance” will be in full swing early June to mid-October, 2012. Stay tuned for the next step and as the song says “when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

The Moon phases are not written yet but I am including what is. I will do the rest when I can. I am asking Mars to support rather than block. Just one more reminder about the Mars retrograde journey. Virgo is the 9th sign and active on the Constellation of The Hermit, the principle of introspection and personal integrity. It is also about completion. Always remember when the Universe closes one door it has already opened another. When the timing is right your will see the new gateway and walk through it with ease.

Blessings Dale

Aquarius New Moon 02 Aquarius 42 – Jan 23- 2.40am EST- This is the Rest and Cleansing Moon with Otter, playfulness, sharing, and companionship, as our guide. The Clan Mother is Wisdom Keeper who teaches to honour the truth in all things. She is guardian of all sacred traditions and sacred points of view. As Uranus is the ruler for this New Moon unpredictability may be the theme for this cycle. As you make your wishes and affirmations let your inner knowing guide you. This is also the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon- Dragons are viewed as fiery and all powerful as they were symbols for the emperor. Because this is the year of the Water Dragon the impetuous fire may be somewhat subdued. The Dragon year promises good fortune, charismatic attraction, personal power, and being guided by your inner knowing. It is a year of luck and blessings that you create through your own spiritual truth. Remember Dragons can fly and so can you when you believe in yourself.         

 Mercury in Capricorn trine Mars in Virgo- Jan 23- 6.15am EST- Use this early morning aspect to identify what it is that you want to focus on healing as the planet of action is about to go on his rare backwards journey. As a healer teacher you can only help others transform if you have gone through your own transformation regarding a particular issue. Work with the gift the planet of life force is about to bring into your experience. Mars turns retrograde at 23 degrees Virgo- 7.54pm EST- Mars the planet of action entered his retrograde shadow on Nov 17, 2011. You now have the opportunity to re-evaluate, readjust, redefine, and eventually re-vision where you want to put your focus and creation energy. It is a bit of a long process as Mars will be retrograde until Apr 13, 2012 and finally clears his retrograde shadow June 19, 2012. Patience is required something Mars is not good at but fortunately Virgo is.   

Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone. You can contact her at the home number 905-589-0192 or e-mail listed below.  To receive her brochure of Astrological Sessions, New Moon Meditation Schedule or to be added to her free New Moon list contact her at  you can also find Dale on and

Copywrite Dale Osadchuk 2012

You are welcome to share this Moon information with others. Please send it in its entirety with Dale’s contact information. Thank you.”

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