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New moon in Scorpio


Every New Moon, we have the opportunity to manifest a new beginning to our lives, a chance to awaken and walk towards a new step of our destiny — the bud is on the bush and is ready to open and flower. And when we come together with such an intention to grow, our efforts are enhanced. Plant the seeds of Intention in these nourishing and fortifying energetic moments. Nurture yourself and your dreams.

26 October 2011 New Moon in Scorpio

SCORPIO: Patience becomes Insight
Moon in Scprpio: fixed water sign, ruled by Pluto
I draw in power, piercing perception and psychic ability into my life

This is a time for increased awareness of psychic power, psychological examinations, research, self-examination and getting rid of old things.

The Scorpio New Moon points toward profound permanent changes being made on a deep level. At this time remember to unconditionally love yourself and others, to accept yourself and others and to radiate your warmth to those around you.

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