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Thanks to Dorothy Morgan for all these interesting info.

At 5:27 a.m., we have the Full Moon in Pisces. So what is it that this Full Moon is here to make us aware of? Let’s see. The things we are focusing on when the Moon is in Pisces typically include our imagination, inner happiness, psychic sensitivity, trusting our intuition, spiritual healing, compassion, and releasing helplessness. We be feeling like a victim or having that mentality and indulging in defeatist attitudes, procrastination, panic attacks, deception, addictions, and disappointments.

This Full Moon is in the 1st/7th houses (on the east coast) so we are blessed to know that our relationships are also on alert. Besides feeling as if we have no boundaries and all of our intuition and sensitivity are all messed up, we get to look at how these things play out in our personal relationships. Not every relationship we have, but at least one will need some adjustments of some kind in regards to the list above.
As most of us know, the Full Moon is here to heighten our awareness around something we are feeling and thus allow us to release whatever is not in our best interest. Endings are typical at the Full Moon and this is what I recommend you implement as well. Choose what you want to release. Choose from the list above that says “Things we focus on when the Moon is in Pisces.” Write down what may be blocking you from having what you want and need in your life–only you know what that is. Here are a few ideas to help you get your thoughts moving:
• “I release all feelings of helplessness”
• “I release my feelings of disappointment in regards to _______”
• “I release all doubt that I am intuitive”
• “I easily find myself free of addiction to ________”

With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces there is pull between Spirit and Matter on this day. The Virgo Sun is all about the facts and details. The Pisces Moon is all about the collective and what is for the good of everyone. Full Moons are always about the polarity and the opposition of forces.

So later in the day, 12 and 15 hours after the Full Moon, we have the Moon trine to Mars. Action around the home can be taken if that is part of your agenda or need during this Full Moon time period. The Moon will also be opposite to Venus. The opposition could involve conflict with a woman symbolized by the moon or we may have an emotional conflict within ourselves about something we value symbolized by Venus. Our belief and/or how we see something can change today due to all of these aspects.

Do not be alarmed if something leaves your life today, it is for the best.

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