living the time of shifting from service to creation

This full moon falls in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is known for its’ ability to be visionary and for running in spiritual, social and societal ideas.

This is also the sign of lightning and surprise inspiration. In the Thoth Tarot deck, Aquarius is the Star card, and it depicts the star goddess Nuit drawing down cosmic energies to Earth. Aquarius is the Waterbearer that grabs hold of currents seemingly beyond this world — definitely at the leading edge of the known. Like Nuit’s flowing hair, each of us have antennae that can pick up cosmic inspiration, and get a charge of optimism from it. And at this Full Moon, there’s a potential to reach for something truly new and of the future — to manifest more compassion, and innovation in service to humanity.

The Full Moon brings revelatory visions.

In Aquarius, the light bulb goes off over our collective heads. Some dazzling ideas could drop into the collective stream that offer an alternative pathway. Even if we’re alone on a mountaintop — and Aquarius has its loner side — we could sense the Big Mind of humanity.

It’s a potent Full Moon, with Aquarius.. it’s the fire of the passionate mind that’s catching on.

This Full Moon may give team humanity a jolt of confidence — to believe in a brighter future — in its intensifying struggle to overcome tyranny, and emerge into greater freedom.


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