living the time of shifting from service to creation

Hopefully we’ve learned to pack and travel light durring the last few weeks ( I should say the tough last few weeks:) )

We’ve kind of trained into letting go things, people, energies and so on.

Now it is time to face the naked truth and let go energy wasters, this time for good.


Few notes for meditation (if you have more questions please feel free to contact me):

1. prepare yourself for meditation (it is up to you for how long you want/feel that u have to meditate)

2. call your guides and, of course, your higher self and ask them to guide, support and protect you during meditation

3.  ground yourself  (connect with Mother Earth – ask to remain in connection with her for the time you meditate)

4. open your Sky portal and state that you are open for the highest energies available for you

5. open your Earth portal and state that you are open to receive the healing and support energies of the Earth

6. set your meditation purpose and go into meditation – it is up to what you feel is your need at this moment. Let your intuition to guide you and you’ll be on the right track.

7. when you feel that you are ready reground yourself by stating 3 times  “I am grounded in my body, on Earth, here and now”

8. thank to your guides and … you are as good as new 😉

Keep in mind that during the day and especially after meditation it is good to drink more water then you normally do.

Also it is a good idea to eat lighter the evening before and during the day.


Hereafter you’ll find some more info about this full moon “set-up”  by Dorothy Morgan Astrologer

On Friday, July 15th we have our first major lunar cycle, the first lunar cycle in six weeks that is not an eclipse. This Full Moon may feel rather normal and may bring a sense of relief as many of us have found that the recent eclipses we had are still affecting us in some very difficult ways. There is still plenty of residual energy still lingering in the ethers where stress levels have been high for a lot of us over the last six weeks. With the Full Moon on July 15th we just might be able to release the things that no longer serve us in an easier fashion. We do this every month but the eclipses that have been influencing us and pushing us to change since June 1st have made things a bit more tense, things seemed more important. Today, at 2:40 a.m. on the east coast of the Untied States, the Moon will be full in the sign of Capricorn and will immediately go “Void of Course”. “The Void of Course” here is not as important to avoid as it is with a New Moon so no worries.  Our activities or lunar rituals are meant to be calming and clearing so please keep that in mind. No stress; one of the main rules involved with performing lunar rituals is to trust yourselves.

            The question with this Full Moon is; what do we have to work with? The Full Moon in Capricorn is all about releasing the serious side of life.  We can, at times, become caught up in working so hard for that solid foundation, for the good reputation in the eye of the public that we forget we have a life to live. I am not saying that we shouldn’t work hard for the things that we need and want in our lives. What I am saying is we need to find the balance of work and family and play. The Capricorn Full Moon wants us to let go of some those rigid details and take a break. Release the need to be in control every minute. Are we spending too much time at work providing for the family, just to not have any time for that family? The opposition of the Sun and Moon is bringing this to our attention and this is one way this Full Moon may play out in your life.  Another way is through the things we believe make us secure and we would describe as a solid foundation. With this Full Moon that foundation could crumble if it was not solidly built. Many of us have been grasping at straws lately, just trying to survive. If you ask your guides, angels, or your higher self, to be shown what is truly reliable for you then this Full Moon can be helpful for you to release the things in your life that you are wasting time on so you can focus on the more important details.

            I also see this Full Moon energy helpful in more clearly seeing the truth around us, we can see where we may have possibly fooled ourselves in thinking something was more reliable or more solid than it really is. We all do this occasionally, place more credit or responsibility on something or someone else then it deserves.  Look at your own life and ask yourself this question; is the foundation of my life secure? If we know we have done all we can in life to feel safe and secure then there are no issues. If we are honest with ourselves and answer the questions posed above we can use this Full Moon to release much.

            As always with the Full Moon Ritual, write out what it is you think you need to let go of and safely burn this piece of paper. You can write out as many as you like, the “Void of Course” Moon does not matter when it comes to releasing our self-imposed burdens. We all work hard to get the things we want or need in life but to be more efficient and release the waste is a perfect way to clear the deck so we have the time we want to spend with family, friends and doing what we love outside of work.  This is what is involved with this Full Moon, showing us what is really important and first in line this time of year, family and friends. Later in the year we can put the nose back to the grind stone and focus on our careers and our reputation.

            The Moon will enter analytical Aquarius at 4:30 p.m. on July 15th which will break us free from our focus on work and worry. Aquarius wants freedom, to be unique, to escape its shell and be different. For the next two and a half days we will have this energy present for us. This is waning energy so we will likely only be looking more at possibly defining what we want, not necessarily taking action just yet.


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